Hyper-Active-GO-GO-GO Quick Look: Kingston MobileLite G2

Kingston just released a second generation of their super-compact memory card reader line. Being that there isn’t all that much to say about it, I decided to give it a quick run-through on video. Let me know if you dig it – I love doing video stuff, but just don’t know whether or not people enjoy it.

Also: Don’t do drugs, kids.

What we like:

  • Seems more durable than the first generation, which had its issues.
  • It’ll fit anywhere. Anywhere. Not really, but it’s about as small as things things get.
  • It’s dirt cheap, online. $11-$13 bucks around the vast Internet.
  • It can hook to your keychain!

What we don’t:

  • Nothing, yet.

It doesn’t do CF cards, which is a bummer for the folks who need that – but seeing as a CF card is bigger than this thing in two out of three dimensions, we see why. If you need a microSD card reader and your laptop doesn’t have one, I’d recommend this one no problem.

Product Page

[Disclosure: Dearest FTC – Kingston threw this at me during a press event, thus, I did not pay for it.]