Ten-person boat features built-in grill


Summer, much like Karma Chameleon, comes and goes. It comes and goes. And I’ll be damned if this past summer came and went with few (if any) of us wiling away the hours in a circular boat with a built-in grill.

The iRev, as it’s called, is “a new recreational vessel which functions as a unique revenue source for our potential purchasers. The iREV is a 360 degree floating vessel, seating up to ten (10) people with customizable options ranging from a low smoke grill to interactive media panels.” And what’s this? Apparently the iREV “can be used 365 days a year on water or land.”

That seems like a bit of a stretch, although the idea of sledding down a mountain slope at breakneck speeds while munching on a bratwurst and chatting with nine other friends about last night’s episode of Popular Reality Show sounds like a nice way to spend a Saturday.


As far as price is concerned, looks like it starts at around $24,000. That may sound expensive, but you’re basically getting a boat and a kitchen. And since it’s a “revenue source” it would probably be in your best interest to make the boat your job as well. You’d definitely be first to market in the floating hot dog stand industry.

iRev [MOTOTHORITY via Gizmodo]