MOG Gives Lifetime Free Music Passes To All MOG Network Bloggers

MOG is on the verge of launching a $60/year “all you can eat” music service. We criticized them for over promising and under delivering, since earlier this year they were talking about a completely free music streaming service.

“Will MOG’s user experience be so compelling that users will pay $60/year for something they can get free elsewhere?” I wrote. We’ll see as more details of the service comes out, but MOG seems pretty bullish on the quality of the user experience. So bullish, in fact, that CEO David Hyman is convinced I’ll change my mind once I see it.

One group of bloggers won’t need to make that critical pay/no pay decision, though – MOG network bloggers. The 800 or so third party music bloggers (up from 300 earlier this year) that are part of the MOG network are being given free lifetime passes to the new service.

The email below was sent to MOG network bloggers and forwarded to us. We asked MOG if the deal will apply to new third party bloggers as well, and they say it will. So if you have a music blog and want free music for life, here’s your chance. Just note that MOG has to approve all blogs before they get into the network, so it has to be the real thing.

The email is below:

Subject: MOG has chosen you to receive a “Platinum Ticket” to MOG ALL ACCESS

Dear MMN Partner,

It’s a big day, indeed. After years of brainstorming, we’re proud to officially announce MOG ALL ACCESS, a revolutionary music service set to launch in just a few weeks.

This is a music listening service that gives you access to just about every album and song you can imagine, on demand, in one all-you-can-eat outlet. The user interface and discovery features are unmatched; we’ve got millions of songs from thousands of labels; and the adjacent radio service is something you just need to experience to believe. It comes with interactive playlist functions, playlist sharing tools, and much, much more. We’re music nerds, and we know what nerd s want. Believe me; it doesn’t get any better than this.

The fee for this service is going to be $5 a month. BUT WE’RE GIVING YOU LIFETIME FREE ACCESS AS AN MMN MEMBER!!!!!!!!! This “Platinum Ticket” is ONLY available to MMN partners. CONGRATS!!! We do ask that you use ALL ACCESS to make killer playlists with the service. Playlists are shareable amongst members so the more you make the better the service. This is all we ask in return. A few a week to share the love. Additionally, we’ll soon be announcing you how can provide these playlists on your blog. Stay Tuned.

What about when you’re walking around? No problem: we have a mobile component coming out later this year that will allow full, on-demand listening through mobile devices like your iPhone and Blackberry. Now, since our fee to the labels is steep on this part, it won’t be free when it launches, but we’re arranging a steep discount for MMN partners.

We can’t wait to show it to you. Watch this space for news on a full-access free trial in the coming weeks. And, for the full lowdown, read the press release below, and check out just a small segment of the coverage that’s come out below.

Peace Out,

David Hyman