Spotify's deal with 3UK shows mobile networks are the next step

[UK] 3UK has announced it’s launching a tariff with an inclusive Spotify premium subscription which will be bundled with their first Android handset, the HTC Hero. Hutchison Whampoa, which owns 3, is an investor in Spotify. There were rumours of the move but this is now official confirmation.

The offer will come in at £35 a month over 24 months plus £99 for the Hero handset. That tariff includes unlimited use of Spotify Premium on both the handset and the owner’s PC for 2 years, 750 minutes to other mobiles, unlimited texts, unlimited data, and other usual 3 tariff features like free Skype calling.

That is a pretty good deal.

The announcement hints at Spotify appearing on other handsets and, I daresay, other networks at some point.

This really is a very big deal because it effectively means Spofity is going to go after becoming the default music provider on mobile. That means Nokia’s Comes With Music offer will be buried even deeper than it is already.

How long before we start seeing handsets with “Comes with Spotify” stickers?