The Barnes & Noble Nook reader to be revealed and available tomorrow for $259


That’s no fun. Barnes & Noble was probably expecting to get all the attention tomorrow with its fancy-pants press conference, but the Wall Street Journal had to go ruin all the fun by letting the Nook ebook reader out of the bag today. Yeah, that’s the name. Nook.

All this info is coming from an ad that the Journal apparently saw in the New York Times Book Review section that’s dated Sunday, October 25. This ad states that the wireless, dual touchscreen reader – e-ink up top with color on the bottom – will be available Tuesday for a reasonable price of $259 and will enable it’s users to “Lend eBooks to friends.”

The rest of the details will likely be revealed either when goes live or at tomorrow’s press conference. Either way, check back tomorrow for a hands-on look at the Nook. Idk, I kind of like the name. Nook.