The Dell Adamo XPS's pricing has been revealed, the usual questions remain

Dell has been playing the media with the Adamo XPS with tid-bits of info here and there. First there was a teaser site, followed by a lackluster press conference, and then two more product shots. At least the price has been finally released by a Business Week article, which states the halo computer will carry a $2,000 price tag. But other than that expect price tag and a little gimmick heat-sensing strip on the lid that, when swiped with a finger, glows white and opens the lid, the Adamo XPS is still a mystery.

Ron Garriques in Business Week,

“This isn’t going to be a high-volume product for us, but it’s going to be a product that says, ‘Wow! Dell did that. What else does Dell have?’ “

This strategy isn’t new. Car manufacturers have been building showroom beauties since the beginning to draw in customers. But once they are within the reach of the salesman, they will likely drive off in one of the more affordable, mainstream models – unless of course they actually wanna buy the Corvette.

We still don’t know anything about the Adamo XPS’s hardware, battery life, or when the damn thing will be released. At the rate Dell is going though, we’ll probably be able to report one of those three items sometime in the coming weeks followed by another one a week or two later.