"This is OnStar, how can I assist your high-speed pursuit?"

If you bought a 2009 model GM car, you may have had the option to add a certain OnStar service. You may or may not have felt it necessary to drop the extra cash on something you may use very infrequently, but at least one car owner is happy they took the plunge. A carjacker with a shotgun took over a Mr. Jose Ruiz’s Tahoe and zoomed off, though he was shortly being pursued by police. Ruiz, however, wasn’t too worried, as he had an OnStar up his sleeve.

A quick call later and OnStar was informing the pursuing vehicles that the car would be stopping soon. They pressed a button, the gas pedal was disconnected, and the car coasted to a stop. After a short foot race, the guy was apprehended and the car returned.

That’s all well and good, but isn’t the potential for abuse pretty high? And in a Minority Report/Enemy of the State/The Net situation, even Will Smith wouldn’t be able to get out of there scot-free.

[via Reddit]