Apple to release a crap-ton of new products today?

appleFruitToday could be a big Apple day. John Gruber and Dan Lyons both think that we might just see a plethora of new Apple products today. Exciting, I know. These new models would include new iMacs, plastic Macbooks, Mac Minis, 2nd generation Mighty Mouse that isn’t called a Mighty Mouse, and some sort of multitouch desktop gadget thingy. Yeah, all that is suppose to come out today even though Apple doesnt’ have a press conference on the books and Steve Jobs knows I don’t really want to work that hard today. Yeah, we talk.

Idk, maybe Apple is going to start simply announcing its products the good ol’ fashion way with a press release and a couple of images instead of hosting press circuses. I would vote for that.

As for the new products, anything is possible with Apple and we have heard a lot of rumors of new Macbooks, iMacs, and even for a new mouse. There’s a good chance we’ll see an updated product line soon enough, but I don’t think that day is today. But I could be wrong. I’m only on my first can of Monster Energy drink so far today.