Black Wii coming to UK, not to US

blackwii1020Sorry America, it seems like Nintendo doesn’t love you anymore. Particularly given the continual stream of Wii related products that won’t be coming to the US. The latest example: the black Wii Sports Resort bundle.

Nintendo UK just announced that the limited edition black Wii system will be coming out on November 6th, bundled with Wii Sports Resort. The limited edition bundle will include a Wii-mote, nunchuk, and MotionPlus peripheral, as well as Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.

Nintendo UK also announced that they are releasing a black Classic Controller Pro. There’s no pricing on any of this new equipment, for the EU yet. Nintendo not only hasn’t announced a release date for the US on the new bundle, they’ve said that they have no plans to release any other colors of Wii until sales drop off on the original system. We are going to get black peripherals however.

[via Joystiq]