Jason Explains The Latest Twists In The Obamicon Case on Attack Of The Show


Are you still confused about the latest twists in the AP’s copyright infringement case against artist Shepard Fairey for his use of an AP photograph as the inspiration for his famous Obama Hope poster? Just watch this Attack of the Show video in which TechCrunch’s Jason Kincaid explains how Fairey was caught lying about which image he used (a story Jason broke on Friday, even beating the AP), but still thinks he has a fair use case.

What this very public fight with Shepard Fairey boils down to, explains Jason at the end of the interview, is that if the AP “can take him down, everyone else will be scared to use AP material.”

Update: Earlier today, the AP filed an amended complaint with the court, noting the change in Shepard’s story. It also added his licensing company, Obey Clothing, as a defendant, suggesting it has evidence that he did indeed profit from the image at some point.