The Flurry Alarm Clock is a luddite's Chumby


You know the Chumby, right? It’s that bedside clock/alarm/radio/YouTube & Flickr open source thingamabob. It’s hella cool, but it’s also kind of complicated for the non-techy and requires WiFi to work. I say blah to that! Really the only extra info you need to know in the morning besides the time is the weather anyway. That’s where the Flurry Alarm Clock from Ambient Devices comes in.

This little alarm clock sports the standard alarm clock functions, but adds weather info to the mix. The AccuWeather 2-day forecast is piped in via Ambient’s free InfoCast wireless network. This means that you really could give this as a Christmas gift to your technically-challenged mother and she could use all of it’s functions with ease. I mean, look at it, there’s nothing complicated or overwhelming about it. But there’s one little thing, it’s $129 at Best Buy, which means your mom probably won’t get one for Christmas.