WinMo 7 vs. WinMo 6.5, in screenshots

Screen shot 2009-10-20 at [ October 20 ] 11.46.45 AM

Though we certainly made an effort, we just don’t play well with Windows Mobile 6.5. With that said, we really do (honestly!) hope that Windows Mobile 7 comes and blows our minds.

Though we’re still almost completely in the dark when it comes to WinMo 7 details, WMExperts has managed to shed an inkling of light on the subject. Earlier today, they were leaked an image purportedly portraying what’s to come. In the top row, you’ll see the Windows Mobile 6.5 settings and calendar screens as they are today; in the bottom row are internal mockups of what the same screens should look like in Windows Mobile 7. We’ve gotta say, the fonts and general flow of those lower images look very Palm Pre/webOS-esque – and when it comes to UI/Software stuff, that’s definitely a good thing.