Best Buy announces the launch of Rocketfish Rocketboost

598437No, it’s not a new type of pet disposal system, it’s a wireless whole house audio delivery system. Rocketfish takes the audio output from your device, and the transmits it to the strategically placed speakers throughout your home.

The Rocketfish system is made up of a wireless amplified audio receiver, a wireless sender/receiver, a wireless outdoor speaker, and a wireless HD audio starter kit, which contains a sender and a receiver unit. With the appropriate component purchases, you can send up to five different sources to up to nine receivers throughout your home.

Rocketfish is expected to be available this month, however at this time the area of Best Buy with pricing information is not yet active.

Best Buy isn’t the first company to jump on the wireless audio bandwagon this year, and most likely won’t be the last as the holiday season approaches.

[via Ecoustics]