Bose hops on the wireless streaming bandwagon

Wave music system with SoundLink_Beauty 1 (Front View w Accessories)Wireless has always been the new exciting thing in consumer electronics. Remote controls, game console controllers, Sony’s wireless power transfer, and now Bose is taking another foray into the action. Their second wireless-capable device, The Wave Music System – SoundLink allows you to stream audio to the unit from your computer.

The unit is physically indistinguishable from the rest of Bose’s stereos. CD player, AM/FM, alarm clock. But the magic happens in the provided USB key. Plug into your computer running Windows XP, Vista, or Mac OS 10.4, and you should be able to hear beautiful music coming from your Bose unit up to 60 feet away.

At the end of story, it’s pretty much just a Bluetooth-capable Bose Stereo. So don’t get too excited. But if you have $599.90, why the frak not?