Video: Chuck Norris and his Beard, coming to an iPhone near you

Gameloft just sent over this teaser trailer for an upcoming title, “Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain”. Sure, Chuck’s a bit late to the iPhone game if he’s looking to milk this meme for all it’s worth – but we had to share the video with you, or he’d burst through our office wall and roundhouse kick us in the face. We didn’t want that to happen.

Interestingly, Gameloft is saying right upfront that this game is going to be sort of.. simple. It’s being developed under one of Gameloft’s brands, Ludigames, which they’ve told us they intend to use to house their more “casual” games.

Don’t worry, Gameloft. We know that a game involving Chuck Norris needs only three buttons: “Roundhouse kick”, “Grow beard”, and “Be Awesome”. The third button is always stuck in, but sometimes bugs out and reads “Be sort of crazy in the head.”

Gameloft is sending over some gameplay footage in a bit – we’ll update whenever we get it.