More information about Moleskines than you require

There are some men who pride themselves in their prowess at the gaming table or in bed and there are others who brag about being able to pick the winning horse at a racetrack. But how many men can write long, detailed posts about Moleskine notebooks, offering advice to the other Moleskine fans about how to best handle your Moleskine experience.

There is only one man who does that. His name is some dude who runs InkyJournal.

That’s right. InkyJournal. The site seems to be dedicated to Moleskin hacks including how to decide on the best notebook for the best activity and how to add tabs to tabless notebooks. He even reviews a pen holder for Moleskins.

I fell in love with Moleskine in Paris (where else?) when I bought my first one from a stationary store right by Breguet’s old workshop. While I love using them, I haven’t gone to the lengths we find on this dude’s site. However, that shouldn’t stop us from trying.