Nook news roundup

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Forget the new Apple products from yesterday, the big news of the day was the Barnes & Noble Nook reader that might just shake up the stale e-book reader image the Kindle has in-part created. The Nook really seems like the device to beat now with the two screens, 10 day battery life, WiFi and AT&T 3G, native PDF support, and is the same price as the Kindle at $260. Yesterday’s coverage has been condensed below for your viewing pleasure just in case you missed something.

Rumor: The Barnes & Noble Nook reader to be revealed and available tomorrow for $259

The Barnes & Noble Nook reader name wasn’t vetted well

The $259, dual-screen Barnes & Noble Nook reader gets official

Almost live from Barnes and Noble’s Nook event is live for your viewing pleasure

Chart: How the Nook stacks up in the e-reader race