Google Chrome Themes Video Uses Some YouTube Magic To Make A Lasting Impression

Back in August Google rolled out a collections of themes for its Chrome browser, giving users the chance to swap the browser’s blue-hued palette in favor of something a bit more colorful. Earlier this month it took things one step further, bringing onboard style icons like Dolce & Gabbana, Kate Spade, and Oscar de la Renta to design their own themes for the gallery. And today, it’s released a new video to promote these themes to the masses, using some YouTube trickery to leave a lasting impression. You can check out the video here. Make sure to watch til the end.

Chrome Themes are comparable to Firefox’s Personas, which were released by Mozilla Labs back in March, though Personas has a larger array of themes available in its directory.

Spoiler warning: This isn’t the first video to use such trickery on YouTube (you’ll notice the entire page is a Flash embed). Remember this Wario Land ad by Nintendo?