JVC Victor Japan to sell very pretty, futuristic iPod speaker system


The hardware designers at JVC Victor in Japan seem to have seen 2001 – Space Odyssey once too often.Or why else would their new speaker system (specifically made for Apple music player) look like they’re straight out of that movie? The XS-SR3 [JP] will be available in black and white.

You get a two-cradle 2.5W speaker system, an analog input, a digital input, a remote control and Virtual Dolby Surround support. The system is compatible with a number of iPod models but won’t work with the iPhone. You can also use it for portable TVs, DVD players or gaming system.


JVC Victor plans to start selling the XS-SR3 in Japan only at the beginning of next month for $190. But readers living outside Japan might want to ask if the Japan Trend Shop or Geek Stuff 4 U can get one for them.