Live the dream: Chinese iPhone knock-off with a removable keyboard

T2000 - iPhone Style Phone With Attachable QWERTY Keyboard
Want an iPhone but don’t want to put up with an on-screen keyboard? Are you also kind of fuzzy on the whole “what is a real iPhone” thing? Do you also have $149 to spend? Well, you’re in luck because China as the answer.

This quad-band phone includes a small removable keyboard as well as these exciting features:

Attachable QWERTY keyboard, accelerometer for rotating screen from landscape to widescreen (internet rotation, messaging rotation, wall paper switch, FM channel switch, TV channel switch, call silent, motion gaming) Java 2.0, TV, eBuddy + Opera mini browser preinstalled, wifi, FM radio with recording,

Java! TV! Radio! All this and more could be yours if you send in your money today. It has a card slot for expansion and includes 70MB of onboard memory.