MySpace's Jason Hirschhorn Gets Off On Killing Products

Overheard at the Web 2.0 Summit: “A couple of months ago [MySpace CPO] Jason Hirschhorn held an executive meeting at MySpace. The only goal of the meeting was to figure out which products we’d kill off.”

And boy they sure have killed off a lot of products. CEO Owen Van Natta mentioned the execution of Classifieds, Jobs and Weather yesterday on stage.

We’ve confirmed that Books, Horoscopes, News, Calendars and Polls are also on the chopping block. A total of ten or so products will be flatlined when they’re done with the executions.

It’s clear that MySpace wants to juggle fewer balls. And products that don’t fit the “socialization of content” mantra had better sleep with one eye open. Hirschhorn is coming after them.