New Apple ad "Broken Promises" has PC in flip-up shades; what's not to like?

Oh, PC. Your hijinx extend back so far that in those days, you had long hair! Apple wins again!

While this newest Apple ad (about which I am being paid millions to post) is entertaining in a sort of superficial, nudge-nudge amirite kind of way, I don’t think it’s really as compelling as most of the other ads, even as lacking in facts as those were. I guess these ads are so simple to make that they can afford to just run with every idea, no matter how vague or half-baked. In the end, I think all this one is going to do is pique viewers’ curiosity about Windows 7 — that is, if they haven’t already dismissed it out of hand.

And does anybody think it’s a little weird that Mac doesn’t change his look over the last 20 years of OSes there? I used System 7 for a long time and buddy, it is not the same shirt and jeans as OS X.