Philips DirectLife shows you exactly how much time you spend sitting

sensorThink you’re active because you walk around the office all the time on your way to meetings? Well, now there’s a way to actually track that and know for sure if you’re REALLY getting all that much exercise when you’re strolling through the cubicles.

Philips just announced the new DirectLife product. It’s an activity monitor that you throw in your pocket, clip to your belt, or wear around your neck. It then senses all your movements, and tell you exactly what your daily energy expenditure is. The sensor (and the software that reads the information out of it) will help you to determine how much energy you expend on a daily basis, and how much you should be expending on a daily basis.

I’m curious about this one, since living the blogger lifestyle has me expending as little energy as possible, moving from my chair to the mini-fridge for a can of Mt. Dew or Monster(tm) every so often.

The system is available from the DirectLife online store now, and will run you $79 (until October 30th) and includes a 4-month membership. After the initial 4 months, membership will run you $12.50 a month. This product is available in the US and the Netherlands only at this time.