The new Windows 7 commercials: Now we're tawkin'

Windows 7 is your idea, friends. That’s what this new spot – along with some 7 second demos after the jump – is trying to say. It’s basically pointing out that Windows 7 is a nice, clean update. Yes, I would agree it’s a Vista Service Pack and, in a way, it’s kind of like Snow Leopard in that it changes little in the UI but improves quite a bit under the hood. But Windows 7 is Microsoft’s big product for 2010 so let’s let them have their day in the sun.

The marketing message here is quite clear: Windows 7 is all about you. After having a decade of updates thrust upon us, this new version is for you and you alone. Your laptop won’t suck, your PC won’t slow down, and you’ll get more work done, and that beautiful, handsome people want to help you make your life better.