Motorola Droid ("Sholes") hits the FCC with AT&T-friendly 3G – for real this time.

Looks like Verizon might not be the only one getting the Moto Droid. A few days ago, we wrote a post highlighting the fact that a GSM version of the oh-so-hypetastic Motorola Droid (otherwise known as “Sholes” or “Tao”) had cleared the FCC runway. At first, we got a bit excited and misread the details, reading them as if that GSM version of the Sholes had AT&T-friendly 3G bands built in. It didn’t (it was the European GSM version) – but this one does!

Like the last time around, there is just one single reference to the device’s identity as the Sholes, tucked deep within the documents. Unlike that last one, however, this one features good ol’ WCDMA 850/1900/2100 — the bands AT&T uses for their UMTS 3G — alongside GSM 850/900/1800/1900, making it the perfect adoption candidate for both AT&T and Rogers.


FCC Link

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