Startup elevator pitch:

[UK] Pitching in an elevator this week, we’ve got Adam Greenblatt, Managing Director of UK and Northern Europe at

‘Erm…How much do you earn mate?’ It’s a question we all hate to ask, but all want to know the answer to. JobFact thinks they’ve found the solution to the problem so that talking about salaries is no longer a taboo.

They say: “With JobFact all you have to do to find out how much your peers are earning is to register and enter anonymously where you work, what you do and how much you earn. JobFact never asks for your name so nobody can know who you are.”

JobFact could potentially impact employers: employees become empowered when it comes to negotiating or renegotiating their salary, armed with real market knowledge from JobFact. Mind you, a similar startup around in the late 90s failed to get anywhere. You need lots of adoption for this to work and the mighty LinkedIn is a potential competitor, and it’s hard to get traction amongst small companies where it could have more clout.

Can Adam pitch JobFact clearly and concisely in a moving elevator? Or will he run out of time before the doors open? Think you can do better? Watch and find out!

Editor writes: We’ll be rotating this slot with other contributors around Europe as well, so if you’ve got a video blog about startups, get in touch.