Wal-Mart rolling out tech support services

guyHey, lookin’ good there Mr. Man. I like your protective booties. They look like slippers!

Wal-Mart has contracted with service provider N.E.W. to offer tech support services, seemingly in an attempt to compete with Best Buy’s Geek Squad and similar outfits.

It’s probably not a bad idea, seeing as though Wal-Mart is making a bigger push into the consumer electronics retail void that’s been left open by the closing of stores like CompUSA and Circuit City.

Plans will apparently be offered on prepaid cards with pricing set at between $99 and $339 for services such as TV, home theater, and wireless network setups, to name a few. Service will be provided by third-party contractors, so it’s not quite the same as how Best Buy offers in-store Geek Squad stuff. This appears to be more in-home service only, not counter service inside actual Wal-Mart stores.

Service offerings are expected to roll out in all Wal-Mart locations by the holidays.

[via Reuters]