69adget's OhMiBod Freestyle Review


The OhMiBod Freestyle Vibrator lets you DJ your own orgasm – literally. The vibrator wirelessly connects with your iPod or iPhone and vibrates along with the beat. Perfect for those of you who get turned on by the hot new Jay-Z song (or Ricky Martin, it’s cool, he’s on my playlist too), whatever your music of choice may be, this vibrator will redefine the way you look at your iPod.

In the Box:

I’ve seen my fair share of sex toys, but this one is completely different from the second you lay your eyes on it. The kind folks at OhMiBod sent me the OhMiBod Freestyle as a sample to review and thought of everything – from packaging to concept. The vibrator comes in a hard plastic case with padding on the inside for maximum portability to school, work, business trips, the supermarket, or the gym… What makes it even better is the fact that it comes with three different electrical adapters so you can use your vibrator whether you find yourself in Europe, the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, or the U.K. You will never be left high or dry next time you find yourself away from home – thank you OhMiBod!

High Tech Hotness:

The Freestyle comes with a charger and a 2.4GHz wireless transmitter with adjustable intensity for syncing with your music player. The vibrator has two functions: manual and music sync mode. A pretty intense vibration, it’s not for the faint of heart. In manual mode, there are seven programmed patterns and in music sync mode, the pulse patterns depend on your playlist of choice. What’s really cool is that you can sync the vibrator with pretty much anything that has a 3.5mm port, which includes iPhones, iPods, CD Players, a Stereo System or other MP3 music players. Completely wireless, the vibrator runs for 5 hours on a full charge and is a whopping 8 inches long and 1.5 inches thick. The only downside is that it’s a little large and made of hard plastic, which may turn off someone looking for a more realistic look or feel. The $130 vibrator is simple to set-up: plug the transmitter into your iPod and then plug in headphones or let it blast out loud from your iPod dock. The hardest part about setting the thing up is choosing the right playlist. My first thought was that my techno playlist might be interesting because that is probably the most beat driven music you can get. Surprisingly, songs with strong melodies felt the best. Think Kanye, Beyonce, and Britney. The awesome build up had me craving the chorus. And if “All the Single Ladies” doesn’t have the melody to make you get there, you can always twist the vibrator to manual mode mid session for a constant vibration and a strong finish. It’s also great for couples, although that’s clearly not necessary!

My Playlist:
Kanye West “Gold Digger”

Bret Michaels “Nothing but a Good Time”

Beyonce “Single Ladies”

Justin Timberlake “Rock Your Body”
(Yea, like I would make it through more than four songs)

The Verdict: Dump Your Boyfriend:

The main reason why a self love session cannot usually stand up to a real love session is because you are completely in control when alone. You know exactly what’s coming next. The Freestyle solves this problem because it incorporates so many different levels of intensity, leaving you feeling surprised and wondering what’s coming next. If Madonna sings an especially loud note or if the bass kicks in, you’ll feel it. This element of surprise totally rules and mimics the type of orgasm you would have with a partner thanks to the varied pulses, unexpected vibes, and changing intensity. But way better. You’ll be begging for the next song on your playlist to begin.

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