Alice in Chains launches its new album, yes, via an iPhone App

Last week, Volkswagen “launched” the new 2010 GTI via an iPhone App. This week, famous rock band Alice in Chains launches its new album via an iPhone App. It comes out tomorrow, and includes the album itself, along with photos, news, videos, etc. Think of it as a bonus DVD, back in the early days of when the record labels were trying to figure out how to get people to buy CDs.

So the album is called Black Gives Way to Blue, and I have no idea what it’s about. My last interaction with the band was, I don’t know, late high school when I played Dirt in my car on the way to school; has the band been up to anything since then? Don’t know! Who’s the new singer? How old are these guys? Do they still rock? All questions for a music blog!

I guess we can call this a trend now, creating an iPhone App to market a product or service. The first one I remember was the Viral Loop App, then came the Volkswagen “launch,” and now this; I’m sure there’s more out there, but iPhone Apps aren’t exactly on my radar 24/7.

The App was developed by Streetwise Concepts & Culture, a digital marketing agency a company named Mobile Roadie in partnership with Streetwise.

And let’s not forget how The Rentals is trying to induce people to support its new album. Though, to be fair to The Rentals, their plan is a heck of a lot more robust than merely releasing an iPhone App.

In conclusion, good luck, gentlemen, and congratulations to the record labels (EMI is the record label here) for embracing technology in this instance rather than trying to fight it tooth and nail.