Core i7/i5-powered MacBook Pros on tap?


Okay, so Apple just updated the Mac Mini, iMac, and totally redesigned the white MacBook. But what about the MacBook Pros? PC manufacturers are already stuffing Intel Core i7 and i5 CPUs into their flagship notebooks, but the MacBook Pros are still rocking Core 2 Duos. That might change soon according to the OS X 10.6.2 update.

Buried within a configuration file of the software update, there are MacBook Pro models designated with a different naming scheme. The current MacBook Pros use the 5.(x) model number, but these are referenced as MacBook Pro 6.1 and MacBook Pro 6.1b. It only makes sense that Apple would load the latest and greatest Intel mobile CPU into the MBP line, which hasn’t seen an update since June. The only thing is no one knows when these new models will be available. [ via appleinsider]