Honoring fallen comrades. GeoCities goes down.

slideshow-2009-bhobama-16Today marks the death of an internet giant. One of the first, one of the best. Oh GeoCities. What would we have done without you? Where would we have put our brightly colored, constantly flashing backgrounds? Who else had rotating .gifs for links and neon green page hit counters? There is no substitute for your plethora of font colors and sizes, for your broken HTML codes and page badges, for your MIDI synth-horns. We will sorely miss your animated “Under Construction” signs we came to know and love.

GeoCities users, never fear. You still can upgrade to Yahoo web hosting without losing any of your page information. But you probably already knew that, seeing as it was your website that was going down. The number of free website hosts are dwindling, but the cheapest start close to a dollar a month. So there’s no excuse for not making sites no one will read.