How much would you pay for this mouse? $1200? No? Okay, don't read this then

Of all the people on Earth, I’m probably at least in the top 100 of “most mice handled.” Not a particularly prestigious list to be on, but I’ll take what I can get. And I’m probably one of the biggest proponents of splurging on a good mouse. Mamba, G500, Mighty Mouse (if it’s any good)… just go for it, you use this thing for hours in a row and it might as well be the perfect fit. But like all things, there are exceptions. For instance, when a mouse costs over a grand.

ninja2Now, that’s not to say the ID Mouse from Intelligent design doesn’t look good (it does) or that it won’t be comfortable (it might be) — and honestly, you don’t need anybody to tell you that $1200 is too much to spend on a mouse. The most expensive mouse worth buying is the Mamba, and even then I advise trying to get a rebate or something.

But of course, this mouse isn’t meant to be a good mouse. It’s meant to be a piece of art. In that case — well, still not worth $1200. Besides, it’ll get all smudgy.

Lastly… you called your design house Intelligent Design? Come on now.

[via The Design Blog and HardOCP]