Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 knocks FIFA 10 off its little perch, becomes top selling game in Europe


Believe it or not, but FIFA 10 isn’t the only soccer game around. In fact, Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 just came out in Europe, and was the top selling game there last week. Not the top selling sports game, but the top selling game overall. Yeah, it’s big.

Forza Motorsport 3, which comes out here in the U.S. tomorrow, was the second best selling game, followed by FIFA 10, Mario & Sonic at the Olympics, and WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010.

I’ve always been a PES guy, so hooray for my team! Not that I’m going to buy it this year—I’ll only buy sports games every so often; I can update my own rosters, thank you very much—but thank goodness it did well. You don’t want there to only be one game to choose from, do you?

And I’m pretty sure this screenshot is broken: if Liverpool were to play Barcelona, you figure either one or the other would be wearing their away kit; the colors there are far too close to make them easily discernible.