In case you forgot: tomorrow is Droid Day

droidyI don’t know how you could forget, considering we’ve been posting Droid updates just about every day, but according to our calculations, tomorrow is October 28th: the day Droid drops. Now, we don’t expect the Droid to set the mobile world on its head exactly, but we’re pretty sure that it’s going to be the premier Android device — until the next premier device comes out.

The combination of better hardware, better software, and a slim form factor gives it a leg up on pretty much every other Android device out there, unless you want the non-hardware keyboard, in which case the Hero is your best bet.

We expect something to go live at midnight, and then an announcement in the morning, probably of an actual release on November 6. We’ll have our hands on one in short order and post hands-on impressions ASAP. If you have any questions or concerns in particular (keyboard, screen brightness, that sort of thing) feel free to leave them in the comments here and we’ll address them. As for other speculation and the AT&T version, well, we’ll soon find out, I suppose!

[image: BGR]