Photo frame looks like a Mac window

c889_image_photo_framePerhaps you find yourself in the overlapping section of a Venn diagram consisting of a circle called “People who like Macs,” a circle called “People who hate digital photo frames but are okay with computer-themed standard photo frames,” and a circle called “People who have at least $25.” Sound about right? Then here’s the $25 image.jpg Photo Frame from ThinkGeek.

It’s a wooden photo frame made to look like a Mac window with “image.jpg” in the title bar. There’s nothing digital here, it’s just your standard old-school frame that holds a single tangible photo.

If you don’t have any tangible photos anymore the frame comes with the transparent background pattern from Photoshop, which may or may not get a chuckle out of the graphic designer at your office that rolls his eyes any time someone requests a tiny revision.

image.jpg Photo Frame []