Catan comes to iPhone

catan One of my favorite games of all time, Catan, is now available as a $5 download for the iPhone and iPod touch. As board games go, The Settlers of Catan is a psycho-erotic thriller capable of hooking even the most un-hookable of gamers.

Maybe “psycho-erotic thriller” isn’t the most accurate phrase. It’s a fun game, let’s leave it at that.

Those of you who have never played Catan before may very easily pass this one by but those of you who are into the game and own an iPhone or iPod touch will have little reason not to purchase it for $5.

It’s not without its drawbacks – there’s no Wi-Fi or internet-based multiplayer and the game board is downright tiny on the iPhone’s screen – but for five bucks, it provides a nice quick fix for Catan addicts in between real-life or Xbox Live rounds.

Here’s a quick hands-on showcasing the interface and whatnot:

Catan [iTunes via Pocket-lint]