MLB 09 The Show predicts a Phillies win in 7 games (take that, Yankees!)

Yes~! I’m rooting for the Phillies over the Yankees this World Season because I’m a Mets fan, and I’d sooner root for Team Mars in an Earth vs. Mars Loser Leaves The Galaxy Match than root for the Yankees. Hopefully MLB 09 The Show‘s prediction pans out, because it has Philadelphia beating The Bronx Bums in seven games.

Or you can subscribe to the Ron Bennington school of thought and just tell everyone to shut up about the Phillies lest God hear our joy and happiness and cause the team to lose. (Yes, God is most concerned with a baseball game happening on a small stretch of land in North America.)

Sony is in full hype mode, knowing that this is the last few days that anyone will buy the game, so they’ve even put together a video highlight package, viewable right up there.

In other sports news, my condolences to all the Real Madrid fans out there. If you want, I can ask the manager at the local Pizza Hut if he wants to take Manuel Pelligrini’s place on the hot seat. He can’t a worse job :-)