Ropid: New robot runs, jumps 8 centimeters high (2 videos)


Japan has produced many humanoids in the past years, but making them move in one way or the other is usually a challenge. Kyoto-based Robo Garage has unveiled Ropid [JP] today, a mini robot that runs on two legs and can jump as high as 8cm.


Ropid stands 38cm tall and at 16kg, it’s pretty heavy. The little guy has 29 joints and four gyro-sensors in the body and is powered by a lithium-ion battery. He can react to voice commands, so if you tell him to jump, he will do so. His movements aren’t really elegant but OK.


Ropid (the name isĀ  a mix between “robot” and rapid”) is currently just a prototype, with Robo Garage saying there isn’t a release date set yet.

This video shows how he runs:

This video shows how he jumps:

Via Robot Watch [JP]