Vizio outs 19-, 23-inch LED-backlit LCDs

Vizio has two new LCDs set to hit retailer’s shelves just in time for the depressing holiday season. Yippie. These two boys use LED backlighting to light the LCD screens and to be honest, they’re not to shabby in the specs department. The 23-inch is a 1080p model with 20,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and 300 nits of brightness. The 19-inch however is a 720p model but it too sports the same contrast ratoi and brightness spec.

Plus the screens have a USB port and SD card slot for photo viewing along with light sensors to automagicly adjust the brightness. Interested? The 19-inch VM190XVT and 23-inch VM230XVT carry MSRPs of $349 and $399, respectively. [via crave]