FlipShare TV: yet another way to access your PC's videos on your TV

The number of techniques for getting content from your PC to your TV is getting alarmingly high. It’s possible that it’s so simple at this point that anyone can put out a product and sell a few — so you can either get a basic one cheap now, or wait for the inevitable breakthrough product that will do something awesome but cost a bundle. The FlipShare (pdf from FCC) ain’t that breakthrough, but it does look like a nice, simple way to watch your home videos on the TV.

The older generation doesn’t want to fiddle around with codecs and all that nonsense, they want to shoot a video and then watch it later. That’s all. And if they have a Flip camera (good present by the way), they’ll be comfortable using the FlipShare TV. It’s simple to set up: just plug it into your TV, then attach the USB dongle to your PC. Then you can watch videos using a simple file browser interface and included tiny remote.

There’s no pricing information yet, but considering Flip likes to keep it low, I wouldn’t be surprised if this thing went for $99. We’ll update when there’s more, of course.

[via Wireless Goodness]