More Vibram Five Fingers information than you particularly require

We at CrunchGear are rarely at the forefront of fashion. However, once I reviewed the Vibram Five Fingers I knew I was onto something. Thankfully, there are other people out there who don’t think my love for foot gloves is not strange or weird. In fact, people wear these crazy shoes everywhere they go!

Take a look at Editor Justin Owings gets testimonials from all over the world including folks who have run marathons in these things and other folks who stand around in India wearing them. Heck, even Sergey Brin is down.

To be clear, these people are totally serious about breaking the chains of monotoe hegemony. One fellow started wearing them to work and is not afraid of what his coworkers have to say:

Thursday marked the first week since I started wearing the KSO Treks in the corporate environment as a daily part of my work attire. Although having worn them to and from work since september 9th, I had previously made it a habit of switching out to a more traditional shoe while on the clock. Finding it difficult to wear monotoed footwear every day, it just became apparent to me last Friday that there should be absolutely no reason to have to go back to wearing anything that felt so uncomfortable while being so unhealthy.

Luckily for me, I have a pretty good rapport with most coworkers and find it easy to converse with those I haven’t met. Most seem to be more aware of me for being a surfer/skateboarder which already sets me apart … Quite a few have noticed the five finger shoes as the week progressed and today work literally stopped in one department while a lively discussion about footware ensued.