Possible Wii 2 specs leaked? 1080p, Blu-ray, 2010, oh my!

Take this rumor like you would any other Internet rumor. You never know though, some of this info is new and might be true. A French website, Logic-Sunrise, is reporting from a very reliable source within the bowels of Nintendo that an update is played for 2010 and it’s going to be a big one. Well, big for Nintendo and on par with the current offerings from Sony and Microsoft, that is.

Logic-Sunrise translated by Google,

  • The console will carry a Blu-Ray, the primary function is to discourage piracy.
  • It must therefore bear display 720P and 1080P, both for broadcasting video Blu-Ray for games.
  • A release date for 2010 is planned.
  • The output will be worldwide, orchestrated the same day in all countries.
  • A bid to take over your Wii first generation is planned. (All your bases are belong to us?)

Everyone probably agrees that the Wii is past its prime technology-wise. Hell, it was sort out of date when it was released, but that hasn’t stopped it from winning the console war. Maybe the recent Wii price drop shows that an update isn’t that far off.

[thanks for the tip, Jon]