Sleek Audio announces SA-1 earphones, a cheaper alternative to the SA-6

sa-1Not too long ago, Devin reviewed the Sleek SA-6 earphones. He gave them a pretty good rating, but one of the issues (at least for me) was that $250 price tag. Well, good news for me (and for you) Sleek has released that SA-1, a lower priced version of the SA-6 that still uses the removable tip system.

The SA-1s have a first of its kind custom tuned 6mm driver in a rosewood body, and you can still change the tips to get the best sound depending on your requirements just like the SA-6. The SA-1s only have two tips though, and they adjust the treble to be, well “more” or “less”. You choose which one sounds better, and swap them out as needed. Best part, the SA-1’s will only set you back $79.99. To me, that’s a whole lot easier to swallow then $250.

Sleek’s SA-1 earphones will start shipping early this November, and are currently for sale on the Sleek website for $79.99.

[via Slashgear]