Socket Pocket: Inexpensive wall outlet cover with built-in gadget holder

socket-pocket-gfci In the cutthroat (?) world of wall outlet covers that feature built-in gadget holders, this $6 option might just be a contender.

The big draw, aside from low price, is the hinged base that keeps your device’s power cord in place. There’s also a side opening “for easy access to side charging devices.”

Thoughtfully, the outlet covers are available in a standard version and also in a “GFCI” version for use with those special square outlets like you’d find in your bathroom.

According to the product description:

“Featuring a hinged and slotted ‘floor’ for threading cable into the pocket as well as an opening for accommodating side charging devices, the Socket Pocket can handle nearly any cellphone. Additionally, you can use the Socket Pocket to store pens, glasses, and scissors. Available for standard and GFCI outlets.”




Socket Pocket- Organize your cell phone while charging []

Also available at ThinkGeek.