Tiny spy-friendly Bluetooth earpiece


Previously available to law enforcement officials and government agents, you can now get in on the fun as well with the $200 Invisible Bluetooth Earpiece from BrickHouse Security.

It consists of an unbelievably tiny in-ear Bluetooth receiver (like so tiny it has to be removed from your ear with a special magnet) connected to a microphone system that’s worn under your clothing. There’s also a special “beeper button” that can be pressed once or twice to silently communicate “yes” or “no” to whoever’s on the other end without blowing your cover.



In order to make the earpiece so small, it uses no batteries. Instead, it uses a passive magnet to receive audio vibrations from a special loop worn around your neck. Unreal.


Although this type of system has been used by detectives and government agents, BrickHouse Security recommends some consumer uses as well, such as:

  • Board meetings
  • Journalists
  • First dates
  • Feeding lines to actors and actresses

But not for!

  • Use while gambling
  • During poker games
  • Tests or school assignments
  • Illegal activities

Invisible Bluetooth Spy Earpiece Lets You Hear Audio and Send Covert Messages Without Detection [BrickHouseSecurity.com]