Transformers 2 sells 7.5 million DVD & Blu-ray discs. Can't you people find a better movie to buy?

autobot_1680This is just wrong. I’ll admit, I didn’t enjoy “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”. I thought the plot was weak and contrived, and I was slightly offended by the dumbing down of the film (robot urination and racial stereotypes? give me a break). I realize that the original “Transformers” wasn’t exactly the height of cinematic art, but it was better then the sequel.

So why by all that’s holy, is “Transformers 2” the best selling DVD/Blu-ray (in first week sales) of 2009? I think the issue is that this year has been somewhat dry as far as good movies go. “Transformers 2” does appeal to a wider audience, and that’s why Paramount has sold 7.5 million copies in the first week that it’s been available. “Transformers 2” did fall short of the 8.3 million discs sold in the first week by the original Transformers film.