Actual Royalty To Join Social Media Royalty At Le Web 2009

The Le Web conference in Paris always has a surprise or two for attendees. Last year, author Paulo Coelho spoke about how he uses social networking to spread word about his books, and how he encourages people to download pirated copies of his work. This year, Her Majesty Rania Al Abdullah, Queen of Jordan, will be on stage.

We interviewed Queen Rania earlier this year.

Rania is a monarch on a mission. She focuses much of the messaging on her Twitter account towards helping women and promoting peace and education. A message earlier this week lamented the death of women and children in Pakistan. Another, yesterday, pointed to a NY Times article on the need for schools. She has become very adept at using social media, particularly Twitter and YouTube, to further her causes. And her very authentic, very human voice is doing a lot to dispel stereotypes about the Arab and Muslim worlds.

Her presence is more than enough reason to attend, even though the conference is in France in December. Despite popular opinion I’ll be back this year – TechCrunch Europe is partnering with Le Web on a startup competition. And eagerly awaiting Rania’s time on stage.

Le Web is offering TechCrunch readers a 10% discount on tickets. Just use this link.