Heated slipper looks downright dangerous


There are a few areas of concern to point out about this $24 “USB Paw Heating Slipper” from Brando. For starters, you’re sticking both your feet into one giant slipper. What happens if you get an e-mail saying that there’s free bagels in the break room? In your haste to save $2, you could very easily trip and fall down.

And since this giant slipper is USB-powered, you run the risk of seriously damaging your computer’s USB Port when the cord gets yanked out after you fall down while trying to beat the rest of the free bagel stampede to the break room.

Finally, this thing heats up to 122 degrees! Is that even safe? Are human feet built to withstand prolonged temperatures of that intensity? I don’t know, I’m not a podiatrist… yet.

USB Paw Heating Slipper [Brando]