Apple TV could start offering unlimited TV shows for $30/month

The antitheis of Apple TV

Riddle me this: would you pay Apple $30 a month for unlimited access to TV, presumably coinciding with the actual network air time or shortly thereafter? Interesting, non?

PKafka has talked to some industry execs who have been approached by Apple in preparation of just that sort of thing. You pay $30 and get TV – on demand. The Apple TV would ignore the DVR market completely, instead becoming a sort of subscription-based cable TV service.

Kafka notes that there are 65 million iTunes accounts, a nice cohort of folks to suck money from. He can’t confirm any names or networks right now, but it seems this content will be commercial free.

Considering it costs less to totally pirate the heck out of TV, this might not be a viable option for many consumers. However, it’s an interesting proposition.