Boozt benefits as Fashion brands outsource their e-commerce

[Denmark] Despite the recession, ecommerce online is booming, especially in fashion, as consumers are flooding online to bag bargains and fashion sites too are getting better and better at presenting their wares.

Nordic consumers (Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland) have put fashion on the top of their shopping list, with 13 million online shoppers in this region, with double-digit growth rates

Now Danish company Boozt is benefiting from this upswing as fashion retail brands increasingly find it hard to keep up with the pace of technology. The Malmö-based Boozt, with a Danish CEO, Henrik Haagen, has also now secured €2 million in VC from SunStone Capital.

The Boozt platform comes in in multiple languages, multiple currencies and even with multiple tax requirements and covers the entire process from purchase to delivery, so the brands can focus on doing business as usual, but in return share a cut of their revenue per order. Boozt were launched on 3. November 2007, and now has 14 staff.